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Welcome to Individual Support Solutions Ltd (ISS)

We are an established Social Care company who provide a range of services for Adults with Learning Disabilities in Warwickshire.  We also provide some services to people with a physical and/or a sensory disability. We pride ourselves in providing each person we support with a flexible and responsive approach. Our aim is always to meet the persons care needs as well as providing support so the person learns and develops new skills, maintains relationships and develops new ones. 

We provide:

Supported Living Services where we provide support to people who live in their own homes. The amount of support we provide each week, depends on the individual and their needs. This service operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.This support includes providing specialist care, where people we support can have additional support needs like physical disabilities, epilepsy, autism and other health conditions

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Day Opportunity Services- We provide both community and building based day opportunity services where people have the opportunity to learn new skills, make and meet friends, pursue hobby based activities and are supported to use local community facilities. This service predominantly operates Monday- Friday between 8.30am- 10.30pm however weekend support can be provided


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People we support

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